Problem DVDs

I have *a lot* of DVDs (over 1000), and I've run into a lot of interesting corner cases. It's my goal two do two things here. First, document the “bugs” that DVDs have either in authoring, or that cause libdvdread, libdvdcss or libdvdnav to choke. Secondly, to serve as a resource to hopefully help others in case they run into the same problems with these titles.

The content of these entries range in type. They can either be old notes that I had of titles that previously had problems, but now did not (or cannot be reproduced); they could be discs with existing bugs in libdvd* libraries; or they could be DVDs that were poorly authored which is the most common scenario – these usually have problems being accessed or ripped at all.

In each case, if you having problems ripping a DVD, then I recommend using ddrescue to rip it. It will skip over the bad blocks that it cannot read, and this usually guarantees a good copy.

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