The Spanish Prisoner

For the record, this is a really cool indy movie. :)

Here's my notes regarding this one, which according to the file stat, was last updated at Nov 16th, 2008.

I had a tricky time getting the trailer off of The Spanish Prisoner.

Here's what happened:

lsdvd reports one track, the movie.

mplayer-svn dvdnav:// says there are trailers on there.

I used vobcopy -m to copy the entire disc.  It copied a VIDEO .vob, 86mb 
in size which looked like a trailer.

The vob had the studio intro and FBI warning at the beginning.

I used ffmpeg to copy it directly but skip the intro:

ffmpeg -y -i VIDEO_TS.VOB  -ss 32 -vcodec copy -acodec  copy trailer.vob

Worked like a charm.  ffmpeg took a second to run, and the trailer 
started where I wanted it to. :)

Meh.  Second time it dropped the audio. :T

For context, I like to rip the trailers off of all the DVDs and put them in a separate collection. This one was a pain.

I can't find the DVD for this one either, so I guess testing is out of the question. :(