Great software. Use it. :)

See: for key.

I wrote a man page for the CLI app (makemkvcon) that is available for download here or you can browse the HTML version here

See for CLI instructions.

Your API key needs to be set in ~/.MakeMKV/settings.conf

app_Key = "app-key-123"

To backup first optical drive into directory “test”:

makemkvcon backup --decrypt disc:0 test

That will decrypt and dump the entire disc, in original M2TS format.

Backup main titles to MKV

Note that it won't take a symlink to the block device.

makemkvcon mkv dev:/dev/sr0 all .

Another option:

makemkvcon mkv disc:0 all .

You can use MakeMKV's decryption libraries directly with other apps by setting environment variables to use it for playback: