• MP4
    • H.264
    • AAC
  • MPEG2-TS
    • H.264
    • AC3 - Dolby Digital
    • AAC


PS3 will resume playback on a file, even after a restart.


Very Important: When putting media on a removable device (USB) for playback on the PS3, there must be a VIDEO directory at the root level of the filesystem. The PS3 ignores all other files out there. I only found that out because I copied a downloaded video from PSN to a USB stick, and noticed it created that. I hadn't been able to get it to play back any videos before than.

PS3 DLNA Playback Support

All these are tested using minidlna v1.2.0.


  • DVD VOB (without VOBSUB only; with CC will playback fine, but without subtitles)
  • H264 AAC MP4
  • H264 Dolby TrueHD M2TS (Blu-ray)

Bleh. I lost interest in documenting all of this, I'm sure it at least supports what's available on the Sony Blu-ray Players though. I can say for certain though that it does not stream VC1 or support playback on USB or its HDD. MPEG2 does work though.


  • MP3
  • WAV

The PS3 will do one of two things if it can't play back an audio file with a certain codec – either display “Unsupported Data” on the file itself, or if it's the only file in the directory, it will say “There are no tracks”.

For video, it may error out in a few more situations. It may show the video icon when first browsing a directory, but when going to playback, will display “The data type is not supported” screen, and then change the icon in the directory to the “Unsupported Data” one.

I ran into one combination where the player starts, but the PS3 stops – a DVD in .MPG. I could stop the PS3 with the PS button, but that was it. It crankily beeps at me a few times when I do (also sometimes).

For resume playback on DLNA, the PS3 will remember last play point on all files it had been playing during the same power-on session. It does not remember them after a restart.

Amazingly, the PS3 will let you copy a file straight from a DLNA server to its hard drive!!!!! I managed to copy a Blu-ray I'd ripped on my desktop over to the PS3 this way. :)

Incidentally, the one I used, had Dolby TrueHD audio for the only English track, so I had to re-encode it to Dolby Digital. The PS3 doesn't support PGS (subtitles), so I just dropped those.

ffmpeg -y -i blu-ray.m2ts -map v:0 -vcodec copy -map a:0 -acodec ac3 -sn h264.truehd-to-ac3.mp4