A driver for an old PCI TV card.

archives: saa7134 notes

# mencoder + tv

# saa7134 to load module, have this in /etc/modules.conf

options saa7134 card=2 tuner=2 oss=1

# sound setup I cannot stress how long it took me to finally get this, and I'm glad it does.

Here's my setup: 1) audio cable from tv card out to line in on soundcard 2) open kmix and

a) set Master to 100
b) set Line to capture (red) and muted (green off)
c) set Capture to on (red and green)

3) run this command:

mencoder -tv driver=v4l2:norm=NTSC:audiorate=32000:forceaudio:forcechan=1:width=320:height=240:adevice=/dev/dsp -ovc lavc -oac lavc -endpos 5 tv://

Make sure NOT to use dsp1. I still haven't found where that comes into play.

Alas, no workie with MythTV. If youre reading this months later – the only option is to get a real tv card. Do it.

# loading the modules CARD type and TUNER type both seem to be #2

modprobe saa7134 card=2 tuner=2

To do it automatically:

vim /etc/modules.d/saa7134

options card=2 tuner=2
modprobe saa7134

The video (right now) is blurry, but I think its my cable. The sound is great.

Ok, in tvtime, I went to Setup: Input configuration: Horizontal resolution and set it to Moderate and it fixed a lot of the fuzzy lines.

# tvtime program installs: tvtime tvtime-configure tvtime-command tvtime-scanner

# xawtv program: pia fbtv showriff radio rootv xawtv v4l-conf v4l-info alevtd subtitles xawtv-remote v4lctl record scantv showqt webcam ntsc-cc dump-mixers propwatch streamer

# xawdecode program:

# sound Can't get sound working for some reason, from TV card to sound card input. Turn IGAIN off. It causes horrible feedback.

This is the weirdest thing ever – mute “Line In” in alsamixer and the throughput from flyvideo audio out to sound card line in will work. I can watch tvtime with sound now, but no luck with mythtv.

Add oss=1 to modprobe saa7134 options to have it use /dev/dsp1, an OSS sound output

# change channels

use v4lctl: v4lctl setchannel <number>

Can't seem to do it with mplayer. :(