Deleting an old server

If you have an old server that you've disconnected and need to remove it from the list of servers, you can do so under 'Authorized Devices' for that account. You'll see the server name listed as 'Plex Media Server'. Delete that and you're good to go.

Looking for server bug

For some reason at times it can't find your server. The fix for that is to use this file available here:

Episode List

If all your episodes are in one season (season one, presumably), and you have more than 24, it will switch to a list view instead of a normal grid view. Note: see Birdman. I had to break it into two seasons (Season 1: Birdman, Season 2: Galaxy Trio) so it wouldn't be a list. (Plex client version:

Fix metadata not loading

Had another bug with Birdman when putting it back in, only half of the titles were loading their metadata. The solution was to 'Fix Match' even though it already had it right the first time.

Home URL

Go to https://localhost:32400/web/ the port only will display XML

Missing cover image

You can do Refresh Metadata either per-episode or per-show. Changes will show up immediately in client.

One-Season Lists

If there are over 24 episodes, the display will switch from a grid to a list. To fix it, go to your library settings, and in Advanced, change Seasons to Show.