archives: mkvmerge notes

Some DVDs have a commentary track, and I only want the English one. To use mkvmerge properly, the order of commands is relevant.

mkvmerge -o foo.mkv -a 2 season_1_disc_1_track_3.vob

That will output to foo.mkv, and use the 2nd audio track.

See the audio tracks using mkvmerge -i foo.vob

** Default tracks

MPlayer will automatically display the subtitle stream if it has been flagged as default by mkvmerge, which is the default action.

To remove the default flag, you need to do this:

mkvmerge -o test.mkv test.vob --default-track 0:no test.idx

Note that the TID is relevant to *each* file, not the consecutive # of tracks going into the mkv.