This is what I use to backup ALL my DVDs. I like it a lot. So much, that I have so far had zero interest in duplicating it's functionality in dvd_info.

dvdbackup -M -p -i $1 -n "$dvdbackup_dir_arg"

dvdbackup will do a binary sort on the cell sectors when copying them. This can lead to copies that are not bit-exact or possibly have chapters that are out of order on one track (see dvdbackup.c bsort_min_to_max function). I'm guessing it's designed to make reads more efficient so it's not skipping back and forth.

I'm not sure if this is a real problem or not, I found it on one DVD that's fussy to rip anyway (DSNYR, track 3064), and I'd have to query a lot to see if it's common, and even more to see if it's problematic.

Found it while working on dvd_copy_track.