bluray_player is a small Blu-ray player. It uses libmpv as its backend for all the playback, so you will need mpv installed on your system to run it.

You will need libaacs installed and a valid KEYDB.cfg file for playback. See Blu-ray DRM for details.

The program has the same options that mpv does, and you can set them in ~/.config/bluray_player/mpv.conf. For an example, here's what mine looks like:


Help output:

bluray_player 1.9 - Play back a Blu-ray using libmpv engine

Usage: bluray_player [bluray path] [options]

Title selection:
  -m, --main               Play main title (default)
  -t, --title <#>          Play title number
  -p, --playlist <#>       Play playlist number
  -c, --chapters <#>[-#]   Play chapter number(s)

Languages - ISO 639-2 three-letter language codes (eng, deu, fra, spa, ...):
  -a, --alang <language>   Audio language (default: first stream)
  -s, --slang <language>   Subtitles language (default: first stream)

Stream IDs:
  -V, --vid <number>       Play video stream id
  -A, --aid <number>       Play audio stream id
  -S, --sid <number>       Play subtitle stream id

  -f, --fullscreen	   Display fullscreen
  -d, --deinterlace	   Deinterlace video

  -k, --keydb <filename>   Location to KEYDB.cfg (default: ~/.config/aacs/KEYDB.cfg)
  -h, --help		   This output
      --version		   Version information

MPV configuration is read from ~/.config/bluray_player/mpv.conf

Blu-ray path can be a device, a filename, or directory (default: /dev/sr0)