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   * [[libdvdread]]   * [[libdvdread]]
-The VMG is a fancy name that means it is both the primary IFO and VOB.+The VMG is the collection of both the primary IFO and VOB.  It is the first IFO on the disc.
   * [[VMGI|Video Manager Group IFO]] (VMGI): ''​VIDEO_TS.IFO'',​ ''​VIDEO_TS.BUP''​   * [[VMGI|Video Manager Group IFO]] (VMGI): ''​VIDEO_TS.IFO'',​ ''​VIDEO_TS.BUP''​
   * [[VMGM|Video Manager Group Menu]] (VMGM): ''​VIDEO_TS.VOB''​   * [[VMGM|Video Manager Group Menu]] (VMGM): ''​VIDEO_TS.VOB''​
 +  * [[VMG]]
 +    * [[VMGI]]
 +      * ''​VIDEO_TS.BUP''​
 +      * ''​VIDEO_TS.IFO''​
 +    * [[VMGM]]
 +      * ''​VIDEO_TS.VOB''​