Tomorrow Land

This is some really old notes on the Walt Disney Treasures DVDs. I was making notes on HandBrake, comparing it's success to my original attempts of extracting the VOB directly off the disc. It looks like HandBrake fixed everything. :)

Also, for context, each of the programs on the DVDs had an intro by Leonard Maltin – which is just fine, but the DVDs were authored so that it was a *part* of the title track – the first chapter, making it a bit painful to extract the audio/video without it, because the ripper would have to seek to that point. Generally speaking, doing a rip at a starting point *inside the track* can cause random issues – usually with A/V or subtitle sync.

I haven't tried to duplicate this error again.

* Subtitles + Bad Timing

I ran into one disc that, with the VOB dumped, it would not rip the 
VobSub subtitles right at all (Tommorrow Land, Disc 1).  It could 
because I'm skipping chapter 1 and ignoring the Leonard Maltin 
introduction which is throwing off the timing.

However, even with using the VOB, and encoding directly from there, the 
timing drifts, badly, in the second half of the film on playback on my 

Using HandBrake to rip it directly from the disc fixes both issues just 
fine. :)