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 +====== Tomorrow Land ======
 +  * [[Problem DVDs]]
 +This is some really old notes on the Walt Disney Treasures DVDs.  I was making notes on HandBrake, comparing it's success to my original attempts of extracting the VOB directly off the disc.  It looks like HandBrake fixed everything. :)
 +Also, for context, each of the programs on the DVDs had an intro by Leonard Maltin -- which is just fine, but the DVDs were authored so that it was a *part* of the title track -- the first chapter, making it a bit painful to extract the audio/video without it, because the ripper would have to seek to that point. ​ Generally speaking, doing a rip at a starting point *inside the track* can cause random issues -- usually with A/V or subtitle sync.
 +I haven'​t tried to duplicate this error again.
 +* Subtitles + Bad Timing
 +I ran into one disc that, with the VOB dumped, it would not rip the 
 +VobSub subtitles right at all (Tommorrow Land, Disc 1).  It could 
 +because I'm skipping chapter 1 and ignoring the Leonard Maltin ​
 +introduction which is throwing off the timing.
 +However, even with using the VOB, and encoding directly from there, the 
 +timing drifts, badly, in the second half of the film on playback on my 
 +VIA C7.
 +Using HandBrake to rip it directly from the disc fixes both issues just 
 +fine. :)