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Optical Drive Speeds

Doing math and converting kB to Mb and so on gives me a headache, and I can't be particularly certain that I'm doing it right. Therefore, these are the speeds in binary bytes, as in, this is what I use in dvd_info and bluray_info when deciding how much memory to allocate or drive speed to run at.

You can do the conversion on your own to another format, because I can't be certain of my own work, and also because numerous resources use the wrong naming syntax (kB vs Kb vs kb vs KB, and so on, going up or down from there).


Drive Speed Bytes (B)
1x 1385000 1352.54 1.32 OSTA 1000
1x 1.32 CDRinfo 1000
Drive Speed kiloBytes (kB) megaBytes (mB) Source Notation
8x 11080 11.08 cdrecord 1000
1x 1385 1.385 math 1000