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 +====== Monsters University ======
 +  * [[Problem DVDs]]
 +  * dvdread id: ''​cc4ba17193648d8fcfbc06b009558bcb''​
 +  * [[https://​sourceforge.net/​p/​lsdvd/​bugs/​11/​|lsdvd bug report]]
 +Monsters University DVD would fail on ''​[[lsdvd]]''​ scanning it.  I dug around and found out that when libdvdread scans the IFO, it skips over some of the program chain variables if it can't access it.  Applied a patch to ''​lsdvd''​ upstream'​s git repo, and it'll be present in the 0.17 release when it comes out.  Also fixed ''​[[dvd_info]]''​ so that it'll also check for the same problem, and work around it.  That'​ll also be included when it sees a 1.0 release.