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archives: Making a file with chapters

Unlike OGM, MKV can import an MPEG2 vob, if you don't want to rip/re-encode.

mkvmerge --chapters <file> -o movie.mkv dvd.vob

archives: Metadata in mplayer

Notes: Now I *know* some of this is outdated because there have been patches sent in to MPlayer after I wrote this, that I've used. It's helpful as a point of reference though.

Metadata in mplayer

    Print out the 'Album' metadata of the current file.

    Print out the 'Artist' metadata of the current file.

    Print out the 'Comment' metadata of the current file.

get_meta_genre *
    Print out the 'Genre' metadata of the current file.

    Print out the 'Title' metadata of the current file.

    Print out the 'Track Number' metadata of the current file.

    Print out the 'Year' metadata of the current file.
osd_show_property_text "${metadata/title}"

meta_artist: ARTIST
meta_comment: COMMENT
meta_genre: GENRE
meta_track: PART_NUMBER
meta_year: DATE_RELEASE

libavformat/matroskadec.c (1156)

av_metadata_set(&s->metadata, "title", matroska->title);

av_metadata_set is in metadata.c


    if(avfc->title    [0]) demux_info_add(demuxer, "title"    , avfc->title    );
    if(avfc->author   [0]) demux_info_add(demuxer, "author"   , avfc->author   );
    if(avfc->copyright[0]) demux_info_add(demuxer, "copyright", avfc->copyright);
    if(avfc->comment  [0]) demux_info_add(demuxer, "comments" , avfc->comment  );
    if(avfc->album    [0]) demux_info_add(demuxer, "album"    , avfc->album    );
//    if(avfc->year        ) demux_info_add(demuxer, "year"     , avfc->year     );
//    if(avfc->track       ) demux_info_add(demuxer, "track"    , avfc->track    );
    if(avfc->genre    [0]) demux_info_add(demuxer, "genre"    , avfc->genre    );


 compat_tab[] = {
    { "title",           SIZE_OFFSET(title)     },
    { "author",          SIZE_OFFSET(author)    },
    { "copyright",       SIZE_OFFSET(copyright) },
    { "comment",         SIZE_OFFSET(comment)   },
    { "album",           SIZE_OFFSET(album)     },
    { "year",            SIZE_OFFSET(year)      },
    { "track",           SIZE_OFFSET(track)     },
    { "genre",           SIZE_OFFSET(genre)     },
    { "artist",          SIZE_OFFSET(author)    },
    { "creator",         SIZE_OFFSET(author)    },
    { "written_by",      SIZE_OFFSET(author)    },
    { "lead_performer",  SIZE_OFFSET(author)    },
    { "description",     SIZE_OFFSET(comment)   },
    { "albumtitle",      SIZE_OFFSET(album)     },
    { "date_written",    SIZE_OFFSET(year)      },
    { "date_released",   SIZE_OFFSET(year)      },
    { "tracknumber",     SIZE_OFFSET(track)     },
    { "part_number",     SIZE_OFFSET(track)     },

Looks like these are the only ones actually supported:

    FILL_METADATA_STR(ctx, title);
    FILL_METADATA_STR(ctx, author);
    FILL_METADATA_STR(ctx, copyright);
    FILL_METADATA_STR(ctx, comment);
    FILL_METADATA_STR(ctx, album);
    FILL_METADATA_INT(ctx, year);
    FILL_METADATA_INT(ctx, track);
    FILL_METADATA_STR(ctx, genre);