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 +====== lsdvd ======
 +  * [[https://​sourceforge.net/​projects/​lsdvd/​|project homepage]]
 +''​lsdvd''​ is a great console application for fetching data out of DVDs.  Originally written by ''​acid_kewpie'',​ development stopped years ago, and distros slowly created and applied their own patches to their package releases. ​ My own program, ''​[[dvd_info]]''​ was created out of a joint effort for me to learn how to program in C and continue the work of ''​lsdvd''​ (of which both goals have worked out great!), and even displays lsdvd human-output by default.
 +[[https://​sourceforge.net/​u/​pere/​profile/​|Petter]] and I have taken over the project, with Chris' permission, and are implementing patches from the distros, as well as preparing for a new release.