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   * [[http://​mattgadient.com/​2013/​06/​12/​a-best-settings-guide-for-handbrake-0-9-9/​|A "best settings"​ guide for Handbrake 0.9.9]]   * [[http://​mattgadient.com/​2013/​06/​12/​a-best-settings-guide-for-handbrake-0-9-9/​|A "best settings"​ guide for Handbrake 0.9.9]]
   * [[https://​trac.handbrake.fr/​wiki/​HandBrakeGuide|HandBrakeGuide]]   * [[https://​trac.handbrake.fr/​wiki/​HandBrakeGuide|HandBrakeGuide]]
 +=== Best Quality ===
 +The best way to get the best quality from a rip is very simple -- try it with some settings and play it back in your client environment and see if you like it or not. :)
 +Trying to find settings to work across the board for everything is only going to cause a lot of problems if you don't start with QA.
 === Video Filters === === Video Filters ===