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-====== H.264 ====== 
-In order to do some clean testing, I want to set some H.264 and x264 specs and be able to duplicate them across three sets of software: HandBrake 1.0.2, libav 12.1, and x264-latest. 
-HandBrakeCLI '​--markers'​ '​--detelecine'​ '​--cfr'​ --title '​10'​ --encoder '​x264'​ --quality '​14'​ --rate '​60'​ --encoder-profile '​high'​ --encoder-level '​4.0'​ --encoder-preset '​slow'​ --encoder-tune '​animation'​ --encopts '​colorprim=smpte170m:​transfer=smpte170m:​colormatrix=smpte170m'​ --audio '​1'​ --aencoder '​ac3'​ --subtitle '​1'​ --input '​1.036.0173.TNTTN.iso'​ --output '​480p60-4.0.mkv'​ --stop-at duration:1