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Encoding Specifications

I like to have specifications for encoding content so that I have a snapshot of settings that I used at the time. Doing this, it allows me to verify that everything works across all devices, and expectations and bugs are noted.

dlna-usb-1 (created 2014-07-19)

encoding specifications: dlna-usb-1 (2014-07-19)


  • DLNA streamable (both Sony BDPs)
  • USB compatible (both Sony BDPs)
  • keyint 30 for good seeking in files
  • proper H.264 profile and level for DVDs


  • Gentoo Linux
  • HandBrake 0.9.9
  • mkvtoolnix 6.7.0
  • libebml 1.3.0
  • libmatroska 1.4.1
  • x264: 0.138.x


  • chapters
  • decomb
  • detelecine
  • two-pass
  • turbo
  • audio encoder: fdk_aac
  • audio bitrate: 96k
  • video bitrate: 1024k
  • fallback: copy


  • preset: medium
  • tune: animation or film
  • keyint: 30


  • profile: high
  • level: 3.1


MPlayer 1.1-4.8 on Ubuntu 14.04 has a bug where the subtitle language code does not display in the OSD. The file is properly tagged, and there are not any issues with the Matroska container metadata.