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   * .mp4 - H.264 (x264) AAC (fdk-aac)   * .mp4 - H.264 (x264) AAC (fdk-aac)
   * .webm - VPX9 Opus   * .webm - VPX9 Opus
-  * .ogv - Theora Vorbis 
-  * sets output frames per second and color settings based on source (PAL / NTSC) 
-  * deinterlacing 
   * detelecining   * detelecining
-  * simple presets based on my preferences related to quality: low, medium, high, insane; default is medium 
 What it does not do: What it does not do:
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 I recommend using something like [[HandBrake]] for more advanced options. I recommend using something like [[HandBrake]] for more advanced options.
-==== Quality Presets ==== 
-The preset levels are set by my own experience of ripping DVDs, all of it though comes from lots of testing, and it's safe to say that the higher ones should look pretty good. :) 
-The '​insane'​ preset is designed for really high quality, and if you don't mind waiting a long time or the larger filesize, I'd recommend it. It's intended to be "​archive-level"​ quality for the video -- that is, encode it once and be done forever. Since dvd_trip doesn'​t do audio passthrough (a limitation of libmpv), I can't recommend it for long-term audio storage. 
 ==== x265 Encoding ==== ==== x265 Encoding ====