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 ====== dvd_drive_status ====== ====== dvd_drive_status ======
 +  * [[dvd_info]] package
   * [[https://​github.com/​beandog/​dvd_info|dvd_info at github]]   * [[https://​github.com/​beandog/​dvd_info|dvd_info at github]]
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 $ gcc -o dvd_drive_status dvd_drive_status.c $ gcc -o dvd_drive_status dvd_drive_status.c
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +It has support on and off for *BSD systems. I like to work on it, and then I don't. The kernels are different, and have different tray status checks and so on. I'm limited by that.
 === Context === === Context ===