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dvd_copy ships with the dvd_info package. It lets you copy a track with specific chapters from a disc to filesystem or stdout. See –help for options:

dvd_copy 1.2 - copy a single DVD track to the filesystem

Usage: dvd_copy [-t track] [-c chapter[-chapter]] [-o filename] [dvd path]

DVD path can be a device name, a single file, or directory.

  dvd_copy		# Read default DVD device (/dev/sr0)
  dvd_copy /dev/dvd	# Read a specific DVD device
  dvd_copy video.iso    # Read an image file
  dvd_copy ~/Videos/DVD	# Read a directory that contains VIDEO_TS

Output filenames:
  dvd_copy		# Save to "dvd_track_##.vob" where ## is longest track
  dvd_copy -o video.vob	# Save to "video.vob" (MPEG2 program stream)
  dvd_copy -o video.mpg	# Save to "video.mpg" (MPEG2 program stream)
  dvd_copy -o -		# Stream to console output (stdout)

Note that saving to a vob or mpg extension doesn't change the content, I'm only adding those examples as a visual indicator that that's what the formats are.