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What works

  • MP4: baseline, medium, high profile; levels 3.1+; title tag
  • MKV: baseline, medium, high profile; levels 3.1+; VOBSUB, closed captioning, AC3 audio, chapters
  • Resume playback on titles, during same power session
  • On MP4 and MKV, Sony Blu-ray players will drop the extension, so you can have some kind of a naming scheme.

What doesn't work

  • MKV: title tags :(
  • Resume playback on titles (after power-cycle) :(

Matroska title tags

I tried tagging the title in these places:

  • Movie name
  • Title tag
  • Track name

Tried using mmg and mkvpropedit to set the tags. None of them worked, sadly. :(

MP4 worked natively.

minidlna hacking to do

  • Store more details in SQLite database – number of times played, which media device is requesting, etc.
  • Figure out how resume-playback works – I'm guessing that the DLNA server makes a request for a starting point