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 ====== disc_id ====== ====== disc_id ======
 +  * [[dvd_info]]
   * [[libdvdread]]   * [[libdvdread]]
-**disc_id** is a very small binary that used to ship with **libdvdread**. ​ The code still exists in the repository, but doesn't build by default, and doesn'​t build with newer versions (last I checked, which would have been years ago).+**disc_id** is a very small binary that used to ship with **libdvdread**. ​ The source ​code used to ship with the package, but was removed at some point. ​ It's available on github now: [[https://​github.com/​hilbix/​libdvdread-samples]]
-It returns a small hash which I use in all my scripts as a unique identifier for each DVD. +My program ​[[dvd_info]] also prints it, out, it is labeled as ''​dvdread id''​ in the JSON output.
- +
-You can download the 64-bit compiled version of it that I always use here: [[http://​spaceparanoids.org/​downloads/​multimedia/​disc_id]]+