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 ====== Cygwin ====== ====== Cygwin ======
-It might be possible to install ''​libbluray'​' on Cygwin ​installation**This whole setup is probably wrong and a hack** ​but it does work.+I've been playing with getting bluray_info working and installed ​on Cygwin. ​I don't know much about porting to it, but I can get the dependencies installed with some hacks.
 You'll need these Cygwin development libraries and packages installed: You'll need these Cygwin development libraries and packages installed:
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +Download [[https://​www.videolan.org/​developers/​libbluray.html|libbluray]] and make some changes.
 +Copy ''​jni/​win32/​jni_md.h''​ to ''​jni/''​. Update it to use GCC's typedefs for ''​jlong'':​
 +#ifdef __GNUC__
 +typedef long long jlong;
 +typedef signed __int64 jlong;
 +After that, a standard install:
 +./configure --prefix=/​usr
 +make install
 +Here's the problems with this whole setup:
 +  * PKG_CONFIG_PATH should be using /usr/local if everything'​s not installed to ''/​usr''​
 +  * Shouldn'​t be copying jni_md header, and instead be using Java's installed one
 +  * Fixing the header include in ''​Makefile.am''​ **might** ​ need to look something like this, but I haven'​t gotten it working: ''​ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I m4 -I /​cygdrive/​c/​Program\ Files/​Java/​jdk-12.0.1/​include/​win32 -I /​cygdrive/​c/​Program\ Files/​Java/​jdk-12.0.1/​include''​
 +  * libbluray'​s autoconf should be checking for the header in configure for Cygwin