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 +====== Cosmic Voyage ======
 +  * [[Problem DVDs]]
 +This was, by far, the **strangest** DVD I had ever run into, that had just the weirdest issues. ​ I think I got rid of the DVD (I can't find it in my collection) and supplanted it with the Blu-ray (which is gorgeous to watch, btw), and so this became a non-issue for me.
 +Here's what my old notes say about it:
 +- No audio except with lavf demuxer
 +- Has trouble ripping
 +- No audio exported using my rawdump stuff
 +I think there'​s something generally odd with the audio on this one.
 +I don't know what happened to my ''​rawdump''​ code, I can't find that anywhere either, so between that and not having the physical disc, I can't duplicate it or update the status.