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bluray_copy is a program that ships with the bluray_info package of utils. You can use it to copy a track directly off a disc either to your drive, or to stdout.

See bluray_copy –help.

Here's a sample:

bluray_info 1.4 - display information about a Blu-ray disc

Usage: bluray_info [options] [filename]

  -t, --track [number]     Limit to one title track
  -p, --playlist [number]  Limit to one playlist
  -m, --main  	 	   Limit to main title
  -k, --keydb		   Location to KEYDB.CFG (default: use libaacs to look up)

Detailed information:
  -v, --video              Display video stream details
  -a, --audio              Display audio stream details
  -s, --subtitles          Display subtitle details
  -c, --chapters           Display chapter details
  -x, --all                Display all information

  -j, --json               Display output in JSON format
  -i, --id		   Display disc ID
  -u, --volname		   Display UDF volume name title (iso or device only)
Blu-ray path can be a device filename, a file, or a directory.

  bluray_info /dev/bluray
  bluray_info movie.iso
  bluray_info bluray/

Default device filename is /dev/sr0

For more information, see