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 ==== dvd_info ==== ==== dvd_info ====
-** Usage: ** dvd_info [options] [-t track number] [dvd path]+See ''​--help''​ for all the fancy stuff it can do:
-By default will open ''/​dev/​dvd''​. ​ Can also open directories or image files as well.+<​code>​ 
 +dvd_info 1.2 - display information about a DVD
-Examples:+Usagedvd_info [options] [-t track number] [dvd path]
-<​code>​ +Options: 
-dvd_info /dev/sr0 +  -t, --track # Limit to one track number (default: longest) 
-dvd_info ​EXCITING_MOVIE.iso + 
-dvd_info ​./+Detailed information:​ 
 +  -a, --audio audio streams 
 +  -v, --video video 
 +  -c, --chapters chapters 
 +  -s, --subtitles subtitles 
 +  -d, --cells cells 
 +  -x, --all display all 
 +  -j, --json Display output in JSON format 
 +  -o, --ogm Display OGM chapter format for track (default: longest) 
 +  -i, --id Display DVD id only (from libdvdread) 
 +  -T, --title Display DVD title only (path must be device or file) 
 +  -q, --quiet Don'​t display DVD title, longest track 
 +  -h, --help Display these help options 
 +  -V, --version Version information 
 +DVD path can be a device name, a single file, or directory. 
 +  ​dvd_info # Read default DVD device (/dev/sr0) 
 +  dvd_info ​/dev/dvd # Read a specific DVD device 
 +  dvd_info movie.iso # Read an image file 
 +  dvd_info ​~/movie/ # Read a directory that contains VIDEO_TS
 </​code>​ </​code>​